Customer Services
Unique Advertising Limited - Customer Services

At Unique Advertising Limited, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of service to all clients.

Email: for customer service queries for contract or financial queries

Alternately, if you would prefer to write to us, you can contact us by post using the details below.

Unique Advertising Limited
8 Avroe Crescent
United Kingdom

Our offices are open between 08:00GMT and 17:00GMT, Monday to Friday, excluding British public bank holidays.

We want you to be highly satisfied with the service we provide. To achieve this, you can expect:
A dedicated Customer Service team who are trained to help and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
To receive clear communication and a detailed explanation of any action we intend to take.
Complete confidentiality at Unique Advertising Limited of your personal and financial information

We recognise that sometimes there may be queries or disputes, so we have put together the Complaints Procedure to outline what you can expect from us if you regrettably have to raise a complaint.

We follow this procedure to ensure all complaints are handled in the most efficient manner and to help us deliver a consistent service to an exceptional standard. This Complaints Procedure should be followed and completed BEFORE any action is taken by either party. (This includes legal action, charge back disputes, refunds, cancellations etc).


We aim to deal with all complaints efficiently, courteously and fairly. Whilst we always aim to provide the highest standards of service we also know that we are only human and occasionally errors can be made.
If, after reviewing your complaint, we identify that an error has been made, we will work with you to rectify this immediately. In many cases we are able to resolve the complaint within 48 business hours.
If we are unable to resolve the complaint in that time we will contact you and:
Acknowledge receipt of the complaint
Inform you of who is dealing with the complaint
Advise on how long we expect to take to resolve it
Furthermore, we will contact you regularly to update you on the progress of the complaint and advise you on how much longer we anticipate it will take to resolve. Please note, if a complaint is particularly complex, it may take longer to reach an outcome.

If together, a rare occasion occurs whereby we are unable to reach a resolution, we will send you a final response contact outlining the steps that have been taken and our final position on the complaint.