Patient Services Uk is our medical focused division working with private hospitals and NHS trusts to install digital screens, signage and magazine display units within their facilities. These projects and campaigns are focused on capturing the attention of the patients within waiting areas and increasing the hospitals reach to keep patients up to date with the latest health messages and information.

The screens, signage and displays also provide fantastic opportunities for local businesses to engage with their communities using these facilities by featuring their local market on our campaigns. We have a dedicated team within the company who design and create a digital or printed campaign for you. We create video campaigns for local businesses that are played alongside health messages on digital screens within waiting areas with huge footfall and exposure.

For the magazine displays, we can also create a large printed and graphically designed banner to capture the attention of waiting patients. These are then complemented by unlimited businesses cards that the patients can pick up, place in their wallet or purse and take away with them with your details. We can also link a video to these business cards and banners through the use of a QR Code which combines printed and digital media extending your reach within the local community.

Both campaigns are hugely popular and effective reaching thousands of people per year. We work with all our partners to ensure that we capture their business and its aims and objective within the campaign. We also provide all rights to the video and the graphically designed printed material are yours to keep meaning they can be used across all social media platforms of your business and other marketing campaigns.