Patient Services UK provides free monthly magazines to NHS Hospitals and Medical Centres.

The Care Quality Commission has previously expressed concern regarding the effects of cross-infection through tired and dated reading material available to patients and visitors in busy waiting areas. Patient Services UK offers an entirely free of charge service which includes an easy-clean magazine dispenser to accommodate new glossy magazines stored on-end for a more clean, clutter-free and tidy waiting area.

What Are Magazine Racks

One of our healthcare initiatives set out by the Quality Care Commission involves ridding the hospital of out-dated, unhygienic and old reading materials which can have the risk of cross-contamination. Our partnered hospitals and medical facilities have contracted with us to install a new, large, eye-catching easily cleaned magazine display rack within busy waiting rooms within their facilities. These are restocked each month with fresh, clean, hygienic popular magazines and are a high focal point within the hospitals.

We offer prominent, eye-catching, full-colour static banners displayed on the magazine racks. These catch the attention of the thousands of patients going through that hospital each week and they also then have the opportunity to pick up your details on a business card which is also placed on the rack and replenished continuously meaning your details go home with the patient after their appointment.

Key Benefits

What Do You Get?
15 Free Glossy Magazines Each Month
Free Infection Control Approved Magazine Dispenser
A Fast, Friendly & Efficient Service

What Are The Benefits?
Reduced likelihood of cross-infection within busy waiting areas
Helps establish strong community ties through your support of local businesses
Maximise seating capacity by reducing the need for table surface space
Provide new and interesting material to our patients on a monthly basis
Help support national and local charities
Promote blood and organ donation
A cleaner and tidier environment