Reliable and easy-to-manage digital signage for Private and NHS Hospitals

A patients impression of a hospital is usually formed within the first 10 minutes of arrival. Digital signage and interacting with the patients is one of the easiest ways to convey and communicate a variety of important messages or provide them with information.

In waiting rooms, these interactive screens reduce the perceived wait time and the associated frustration with this wait. It also provides the hospital or trust with an efficient, modern platform to convey the most recent health messages and information bulletins to their patients through television-based content we help them produce. Our Screens are entirely free of charge for hospitals, and we then allow local businesses to purchase time slots to showcase their business to the local communities who all rely upon and visit their local hospitals or private medical facilities.

Key benefits of Interactive Screens Within Hospitals & Medical Centres

Easy to manage or change information and content

Enhancing the patient's experience by reducing the perceived wait time and associated frustrations

Supporting and featuring local businesses by showcasing their services to the patients alongside useful information and health messages

Save money and time on printed signs which are soon outdated.

Share social media and increase following.

Why Use Patient Services UK

We work with many of the largest NHS Trusts in the country delivering targeted information to patients, visitors and staff.

We have an excellent reputation and understanding of the industry and will work with your facility to ensure we help you to engage with your patients successfully. We will install digital displays and interactive screens free of charge in all your locations as well as replacing out of date ones for you. We find that many medical centres and hospitals have digital screens but many are outdated or not used, and very few are optimizing them to engage and inform patients. Patient Services UK makes great-looking digital screens accessible to all hospitals and improves the content creation process for better displays.